Temperature Controlled

Transportation of goods that require temperature ranges or sensitive cargo can be challenging. From frozen to ambient needs, refrigerated trailers are built to maintain a steady temperature throughout the duration of their trip.

What is Temperature Controlled Shipping?

This type of equipment is designed to keep the integrity of the cargo consistent as well as protect it from the elements outside of the trailer. This could mean keeping the trailer at -10 degrees to keep food frozen, or 65 degrees while the truck travels through extreme external temperatures.

Benefits of Shipping Temp Controlled with Transend

  • Well versed in coordinating transit in/out of grocery warehouses.
  • Flexible carrier network able to haul goods at any temperature.
  • Knowledgeable team who understands the food grade requirements of trailers.
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“Working with Transend has been a terrific experience. Most important to our business is problem solving and communication. The team has consistently found solutions to often times very difficult situations!” - Jay S

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