Drop Trailer Services

Drop trailer programs solve several supply chain related issues simultaneously. Carriers can drop and pick up within minutes, on their own schedule, which opens up needed warehouse space and create a smoother flow of goods.

What are Drop Trailer Shipping Services?

Drop trailer shipping is where a carrier leaves a trailer or a pool of trailers at a warehouse. High volume shippers or smaller warehouses with limited space are a couple of examples where drop trailers could be needed.

Benefits of Using Transend for Drop Trailer Services

  • Good communication between the warehouse and transportation company is essential to avoid a bottleneck of empty or loaded trailers at a facility. Transend serves as a 24/7 intermediary to ensure carrier equipment is picked up and dropped off in a timely manner.

  • Flexible carrier network that can service anything from simple one trailer drops to complex projects that require several pieces of equipment.
Transend Logistics helps set up drop trailers pools across North America for our customers. Please contact our team to walk through whether drop trailer shipping could work for you.

“Working with Transend has been a terrific experience. Most important to our business is problem solving and communication. The team has consistently found solutions to often times very difficult situations!” - Jay S

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