Cross Border Services

An essential part of the North American supply chain that continues to grow in importance as the need for it continues to grow.

What is Cross Border Shipping?

Any product entering or exiting the United States goes through a phase at the border where it needs to be cleared in order to continue transit to its final destination. The process at the Canadian border is different than the one at the Mexican border, understanding the nuances associated with these processes is cruicial to keeping the flow of goods moving and can cause delays and additional costs when not managed properly.

Benefits of Using Transend for Cross Border Services

  • Long track record of providing solutions to customers at a large scale.
  • Proven system of communication to identify potential areas of transit that can cause delays or fees and collaborative approach to assisting our clients in solving these issues.
  • Bilingual staff that allows for full communication between the US and Mexico border.
  • Carrier base that includes CTPAT certified and bonded providers.
Please contact our cross border experts at Transend to walk through your needs and what options are available to enhance your supply chain across North America!

“Working with Transend has been a terrific experience. Most important to our business is problem solving and communication. The team has consistently found solutions to often times very difficult situations!” - Jay S

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