Less Than Truckload (LTL)

LTL is a way to pay for the space you need while tapping into a well established network of providers who specialize in this form of transport.

When to Use LTL

When shipments don't fill up an entire trailer, customers can explore several different options for pricing and transit. LTL shipments travel from one terminal to another which can lengthen travel times, but will ultimately help realize cost savings.

Benefits of Shipping LTL with Transend

  • Exception management- Staying in front of LTL issues is a priority. We help our customers navigate the process to protect from chargebacks, which are commonplace.
  • Experience- Knowing which provider to utilize is also crucial to a successful outcome. Transend understands the strengths of all of the providers and communicates the options.
Please contact our team with your LTL needs!

“Working with Transend has been a terrific experience. Most important to our business is problem solving and communication. The team has consistently found solutions to often times very difficult situations!” - Jay S

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