Consolidation Services

A less than truckload option for larger LTL shipments where further cost savings and efficiencies can be realized.

What is Consolidation

Consolidation, in essence, is co-mingling freight with other goods based on geography. How it differs from LTL is that the cost is based on space taken, and that is it. No NMFC class, no weight chargeback, and no min/max number of pallets. Paying only for the space needed can be the difference in 10%-40% of freight costs.

Benefits Of Using Transend for Consultation

  • Cost Reduction- Per pallet pricing, no max number of pallets, and pay for only what you need
  • Zero-to-one touches of goods in transit. Products likely will be delivered on the same truck or transloaded only once v.s. LTL hub and spoke with more opportunity for damage or loss.
  • Less Damage- The product is loaded with the intent to move immediately and often in the same piece of equipment.
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