Intermodal shipping is what built this country! Intermodal services run from every corner of the US and Canada and are available to all.

What Are Intermodal Shipping Services?

Intermodal shipping is the use of railroads to move goods. Products are loaded onto rail containers (different containers for different products) via a drayage carrier. From there, they are brought to the closest ramp and sent off to the destination. The same process is followed at the other end by the drayage provider and delivered to the final destination.

Benefits of Intermodal Shipping Services

  • Intermodal shipping has been slowly expanding routes that span North America as infrastructure is built out. There are an ever expanding list of lanes that can be utilized to get product safely moved.
  • Cost reduction- Rail is typically less expensive than truckload. Slower transit time is the reason.
  • Consistency- Intermodal shipping does not suffer from traffic jams, construction, or weather the same as OTR truckload.
Intermodal shipping is simple to use, has hard and fast specifications, and can be quoted with static pricing instantly!

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